the haunting

I could only hope that ghosts had decided to start hanging out where I live.

Every year, my winter sewing seems to only consists of one thing: a coat.  I suppose I’d do more than just that if winter didn’t like to show up out of nowhere, and if I didn’t work a job that severely limited my free time once October rolled around.  The past few years, I had made a conscious decision about what pattern I was going to use, like I would for anything else.  This year, though, the idea was entirely subconscious and also 100% the fault of Threads magazine.

To be more specific, it was their January 2013 issue, which I went about reading like I do every other issue.  Naturally, the whole thing is an interesting read, but I especially like their pattern reviews.  That’s where I saw it.


I don’t know what it was about it, maybe it was the colors?  The fact that I have an ongoing complicated love affair with plaid?  That the model was wearing my winter uniform of skinny pants and boots?  Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough for me to decide then and there that I HAD TO HAVE THE COAT, probably because I knew that by the time I got around to it, it would be summer, and what the heck do you do with a wool coat when it’s a billion degrees outside besides turn into a baked potato?

Either way, it was constantly in the back of my mind every time I looked at fabrics, bugging me at every opportunity to make sure I remembered just how much I liked it.  Then it wasn’t until this past summer that I bit the bullet and bought the pattern, and on a recent trip up to MA, ended up with this wool plaid:


which wasn’t easy to decide on, for the record.  The place has so enough wool plaid to fill one of Sunni’s dreams.

But, I have it, so maybe now it will stop hanging out in the recesses of my mind (which only means that something else will have to take its place!).


say what

As a precaution, I always have to warn people that there are several things I could take about for hours, so they should avoid bringing them up:

– everything that went wrong with Dexter after season 4
– most things related to fabrics and sewing

So, I figured, for the sake of everybody’s sanity, maybe I should have a separate place where I can talk about the latter to my heart’s content.  Granted, I don’t exactly have the best record for blog upkeep, but it doesn’t hurt to try again…